Tocht: Urban hiking in Montreux

Easy city tour
Startpunt van de tocht:
Train Station Montreux
Eindpunt van de tocht:
Train Station Montreux
01:00 uren
5 km
30 m
Snug shoes and clothing, possibly rain gear, sunscreen and sunglasses

No other Swiss city is connected to music like Montreux, the metropolis whose jazz festival has inter­na­tional drawing power. Anybody who decides to explore the city on the Riviera by foot will thus be walking in the footsteps of music. On the way to the Audi­torium Stra­vinsky, the former recording studio of the legendary band Queen (Queen Studio Expe­rience), or to the Casino Montreux, the place memo­ri­alised by Deep Purple’s smash hit “Smoke on the Water”. The stroll starts and ends at one of Swit­zer­land’s most iconic castles: Château Chillon. This easy urban stroll from the castle to Montreux – along the banks of Lake Geneva and past carefully manicured gardens and the swank hotel palaces from the Belle Époque era – is a real treat regardless of the season. This is not just because you will pass by countless places where you can pause and enjoy a snack. You will also have fantastic views from Lake Geneva of the striking spikes of the Dents du Midi mountain range.


Montreux Train Station (400 m) – stroll to the port of Montreux (Quai de la Rouvenaz 2) – take the boat to Chillon Castle (384 m) – return to Montreux by walking along the lakeside

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