Tocht: Trekking tour across Hardergrat

T2 demanding hike
Startpunt van de tocht:
Talstation Harderbahn in Interlaken Ost
Eindpunt van de tocht:
05:00 uren
10 km
980 m
725 m
Good footwear, hiking attire, rain gear, sunscreen, sunglasses, rucksack, hiking poles, food and beverages.

A funicular railway with an average incline of 64 percent will transport you from Interlaken to the Harder station in just 10 minutes. You spare yourself 570 vertical metres in the process. The most stunning ridge hike in Swit­zerland across the Hardergrat presents its own set of chal­lenges – but it can be completed in five hours. The effort defi­nitely will be worth your while as you will feast your eyes on unbe­lievable views of the lakes Brien­zersee and Thunersee. If you happen to make the hike on a parti­cularly clear day, you will catch a glimpse of the trium­virate – the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. You can almost reach out and touch them. It is hardly surprising that the hike across Hardergrat ranks among the world’s most beautiful and certainly deserves a place on every hiker’s bucket list. There is one person who needs no further convincing: Ryan Regez, the winner of multiple ski cross world cups, who joined us on this hike and showed us in his own personable way that hiking is anything but boring.


Harderbahn valley station in Interlaken East (566 m) – take the mountain train to Harder (1305 m) – Harderkulm (1321 m) – follow the hiking signs and walk across the Hardergrat until you reach Augst­matthorn (2101 m) – from there, you will descend to Alp Lombach (1559 m) and take the post bus back to Interlaken

You will find more tour tips that include videos at: www.outside-move.ch